Baucentrum (which means building center) is the realization in the Bay Area of a concept which was developed in the Netherlands at the outset of the Second World War.  To aid reconstruction of the region after the war, a bureau (one stop shop) was created to provide to the public - information, consultancy, research and education in the areas of building design, technology and construction economics.  Similarly, we have set out to offer these types of services to the people of the Bay Area on a regular basis and especially after the 1989 earthquake, 1991 fire storm and the 1994 L.A. earthquake.    In Chicago in June 1993, Philip proudly signed, on behalf of Baucentrum, and committed to the Declaration of Interdependence for a Sustainable Future as part of the UIA/AIA World Congress of Architects.  


In the spirit of this philosophy and looking toward the 21st century, our professional goal is to promote good sustainable architecture, increased public awareness of the built environment, and a more efficient, cost effective design and building process.  Baucentrum endeavors to create architecture in the context of  its surrounding built environment which is sensitive to the client's budget, the user's needs, society's demands, the local environment, and the styles and materials of the day.  We provide competent, competitively priced architectural services and we strive to be an independent institute active in research, consultancy, information and education in the realm of building, housing and the environment.   We are committed to seeking out and utilizing state of the art technologies which offer better communications and more creative, efficient methods of providing high quality design, documentation and consulting services.